Skid-excavator high-speed

World Innovation: MCR Series

Change from Excavator to Skid Steer mode by turning a switch


The famous MECALAC-Boom's lifting capacities and versatility allows multible different uses for moving earth, preparing the ground, levelling or transporting pallets. If you need to load or move earth, take up your loader bucket, switch to loader mode and you are at the controls of a compact loader.The potential of the 10MCR can now be utilized to perform the full range of tasks required on site. Its performances and power are unrivalled and all MCR-products can travel at unprecedented speeds.

Our Vision: A single Machine

Thanks to a simple selector-switch, Mecalac patent, the driver can turn his compact excavator into a compact loader and then back again, using the same commands. Loading efficiency is maximized, it is made by the skid bucket supported on the blade which increases the machine’s efficiency thanks to the force of the thrust transmitted directly from the chassis to the bucket. The operation is performed more accurately using the control lever. The patented Mecalac cylinder coupling function, allows to synchronize the boom cylinders for perfect movement coordination and precision. It makes driving and handling easy, regardless of whether the operator is a novice or more experienced. And, whether engaged or otherwise, they’re yet another powerful feature along for the ride.

A skid
<span>with the total rotation of an excavator</span>

A skid with the total rotation of an excavator

an Excavator
<span>with the speed
of a skid</span>

an Excavator with the speed of a skid


Detour-free Digging

<span>When you choose</span>

Load When you choose

<span>under the ground level</span>

Handling under the ground level

<span>The Strength of versatility</span>

TOOL CARRIER The Strength of versatility

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Total operating weight9400/9400 kg (20,700 lb) / 10000 kg (22,050 lb)
Overall width2300 mm (7’7”)
Tail swing radius1385 mm (4’6”)
Turning width3266 mm (10’8”)
Travel speed9 km/h (5.6 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp)55,4 kW (75hp - 74.3 imperial hp)
Max. depth- 4000 mm (13’1”)
Tear-out force / Excavator3400 daN (7,650 lbf)
Break-out force / Excavator6000 daN (13,500 lbf)
+ and - with forks+ 6300 mm (+20’8”) / - 3100 mm (-10’2”)


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