Quick coupling for hydraulically actuated attachments

Quick coupling for hydraulically actuated attachments

• No stop and go of carrier to change hydraulically actuated attachments
• Significant increase in productivity 
• Right attachment at the right time
• Time savings due to quick change of attachment under full hydraulic pressure

Hydraulically actuated attachment

Hydraulically actuated attachment

• Time savings due to automatic pressure release in disconnected attachment
• Significant reduction in risks of accident, no on and off of driver 
• Active environmental protection: No leakages of hydraulic fluid

Did you know ?

Savings with quick coupling of hydraulically actuated attachments:

Example:  At a normal working day, the 4 in 1 bucket will be

attached / disonnected about 20 times.

Manual coupling:  3,5 min.

Coupling with  Coupfix:  0,5 min.

Savings  3,0 min

3 min. x 20 (Couplings) x 220 days   x 30 ,- €/h = 6.600 €/year

                60 min