Press Note: Pre-Intermat 2018

Press Note: Pre-Intermat 2018

MECALAC e12: a 100%-electric excavator for urban building sites.

In 2018, Mecalac is offering the first 100%-electric machine, which meets the three key requirements for the urban building sites of today and tomorrow: range, performance and compactness. 

It is a technological response inspired by the constantly evolving people, terrain and possibilities of urban building sites. With the e12, Mecalac is entering a new chapter of its history, by making available an electric excavator. This landmark is being recognised by the range being the first to be allocated the letter “e”: “e” for electric, “e” for ecosystem, “e” for emission-free and “e” for emblematic.   

The e12 is the logical conclusion of an approach that has been making building sites the best they can be since 1974, with ever-more versatile machines that reduce the number of engines on site, renders operating them as time-efficient as possible and makes them profitable to run. 

CONNECT ENERGY LINK: the intuitive and innovative interface that grabs your attention.

The versatility of Mecalac machines combines technology with ease of use. 

The new CONNECT ENERGY LINK coupler – the first version of which is CONNECT, which was recognised at the 2015 Intermat Innovation Awards for being light, integrated, easy to use and completely safe - and is now evolving in 2018, with automatic connection of hydraulic attachments.

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