MCL loaders: compactness, agility and versatility for agriculture

Mecalac, world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact machines for urban worksites, has established itself as a pioneer in offering powerful, versatile machines. These advantages are also found on MCLs, small loaders designed for agricultural work.

For Mecalac, the decision to enter this market was prompted by the growing demand for small, versatile articulated loaders in the agricultural and landscaping sectors. This activity also follows the takeover, in 2019, of the production of loaders previously manufactured by Pichon.

High-performance, versatile, comfortable and safe machines

Its small size means it can manoeuvre nimbly on any terrain, offering an excellent compromise between compactness and lifting performance. Its speed of operation means you can increase your productivity considerably! They are also equipped with Mecalac's latest technologies in terms of comfort and driver assistance, such as M-Drive (pedal-controlled machine speed at a given engine speed) and Speed Control (redefines the travel speed range that can be used via the foot pedal).

A range of 6 machines to meet all loading and handling requirements


With its narrow width of just 1.04 m, the MCL2 is the ideal machine for squeezing into the tightest spaces, such as old farm buildings, where access is often limited.

MCL4 and MCL6

Powered by a 25hp and 50hp engine respectively, the MCL4 and MCL6 are also particularly well-suited to agricultural work, as their long booms enable them to reach great heights for stacking bales, for example.

MCL4+ and MCL6+

Short-arm versions to meet the specific needs of different applications, particularly in the construction sector, offering increased tipping loads.


Thanks to its powerful engine, the MCL8 is at ease in all circumstances, whether loading, handling or driving hydraulic attachments.

All the machines are available in 3 versions: cab, canopy, canopy with retractable roof for access to buildings with limited height. They offer an excellent compromise between compactness and lifting performance, and are designed to be fitted with a wide range of attachments such as buckets and grapple forks, pallet forks, shredders, etc.

Stacking bales of straw, moving big bags, cleaning stables - the MCL will become a valuable ally.

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