Discover the international launch of the new Mecalac range of wheel excavators

MWRs are the end result of a new vehicle concept and the fruit of Mecalac’s combined expertise in wheeled and crawler excavators, aided by in-depth discussions with other wheeled excavator and crawler excavator professionals.

Its design was conceived to meet the demanding specifications for a versatile and compact machine that blends the best features of Mecalac’s wheeled and crawler excavators. 

The outcome?

Versatile and ultra-stable machines with XS dimensions and XL lifting force, benefiting from the latest internal and external technology patented by Mecalac (boom with integrated offset, cylinder coupling, CONNECT quick coupler, central control selector, and speed control function).

Whatever the requirements and demands, these vehicles guarantee optimum profitability thanks to their unprecedented performance, ease of use, and ability to keep both worksites and workers safe, ushering in a new generation of compact, versatile and ultra-mobile wheeled excavators for the construction industry.

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