eMDX, the first 100% electric 6-ton dumper, performing with unequalled autonomy

eMDX, the first 100% electric 6-ton dumper, performing with unequalled autonomy

Mecalac, world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact urban construction machinery, presents its new eMDX electric dumper. In a context of developing more sustainable solutions, this dumper is the first 100% electric 6-tonne dumper in the world
This innovation marks a major step forward in the construction industry, meeting the growing demand for environmentally-friendly urban equipment without compromising productivity or safety.

eMDX represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient future

Quiet, odourless and with unrivalled autonomy

The eMDX aims to eliminate emissions on worksites. This powerful 6-tonne electric dumper retains all its performance while reducing its environmental impact. Equipped with a 75 kW.h battery, it redefines autonomy with an uninterrupted operating time of at least 8 hours on a single charge, and a rapid recharge of just 4 hours. As frequent stops are the norm, this autonomy is further increased, allowing extra hours of work.

As quick and easy to recharge as a car

Mecalac recognises the importance of easy charging. The eMDX is powered by a type 2 plug, similar to that used in cars, offering a convenient solution thanks to the widely available charging points. It can also be recharged via a 5-pin industrial socket, directly on a switchboard or site unit.

Maintaining performance

The eMDX builds on the heritage of its diesel counterpart, the 6MDX, preserving its hydraulic and driving performance. However, it goes beyond expectations by offering superior acceleration and manoeuvrability on sloping terrain, setting a new benchmark for electric dumpers. Mecalac has carefully preserved the compact dimensions and safety features of the eMDX, while introducing additional improvements for operator protection. For Mecalac, safety remains an absolute priority in the design of its machines.

Mecalac revolutionises urban worksites

Imagine a site where silence reigns thanks to the exclusive use of electric machines, eliminating noise pollution and polluting emissions. A peaceful, environmentally-friendly atmosphere, conducive to the well-being of drivers.

The introduction of the eMDX is part of a wider roll-out that includes two other 100% electric machines, which typically work together on construction sites: the eS1000 swing loader, with its 1,000-litre capacity, and the already renowned e12 wheel loader, the first 11-tonne electric excavator on the market.

The arrival of these three electric machines is very promising. Mecalac's electric ecosystem is a game-changer, drastically reducing CO2 emissions on worksites. For example, three Mecalac zero-emission machines working together on the same urban site can save an average of 64 tonnes of CO2 that their combustion engine equivalents would have emitted over a year.

Beyond the environmental gains, Mecalac's zero-emission solution offers the ability to operate inside buildings, minimise noise pollution and dramatically reduce maintenance and operating costs as traditional fuel gives way to electricity, providing a holistic electrical ecosystem that redefines the construction industry's commitment to a greener solution.

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