2016 Corporate Video


The design and manufacture of our machines for modern construction sites are based on our strive for innovation, thoroughness and efficiency. The policy we have chosen for our R&D investment is to combine innovation, thoroughness and efficiency in the design of the machines intended for today’s construction sites. It is our aim to meet the values expected by the man at work; safety, user-friendliness and harmony with the machine.

We strongly believe that it is indispensable to fulfil the requirements of each customer application and each country to the best of our abilities. Each customer application has its particularities and each country its own culture. We build machines which take these differences into consideration.

This is what we understand as customer orientation. This also applies to the careful selection of our suppliers, our production, our assembly lines and the support of our network for a service that is close to the customer, efficient and reactive.

The company is active in two major zones: Germany with the company MECALAC Baumaschinen and France with MECALAC France and MECALAC Hydromo companies. German and French cultures are favourable to the development of our know-how and contribute to the association of thoroughness, innovation and design in the development and manufacture of our products. We have direct sales offices in various European cities, in France through MECALAC Ile de France, in Poland through MECALAC Polska, in Italy and in Spain with Mecamann.

Our task may be summarised as follows: we build civil engineering machinery for the men of the 21st century, taking into consideration the specifications of the customers applications and respecting the culture of each country. To meet this objective, our professionalism is based on team spirit and attention and respect for each and every team member. We should never forget that the most valuable capital of a company is the men and women behind it.

Henri Marchetta
Chairman & CEO

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