The versatility of MECALAC machines combines technology with ease of use.

> The ultimate link between machine and attachment

One of MECALAC’s great strengths is that it focuses its creative energy on the cost-effectiveness and safety of its multi-purpose machines. With CONNECT ENERGY LINK, the company is taking a huge step forward in 2018, adding yet more to the performance and versatility of its excavators with an ingenious system: automatic connection of the machine’s hydraulic lines and electric cables to the hydraulic attachment. 

In addition to the improved productivity that naturally results from cutting the amount of time normally spent every time you change attachments, another consequence is improved safety and comfort for operators, who not only no longer need to leave their workstation to connect up hydraulic attachments by hand, but also see their accident risk considerably reduced.

> Technology that goes hand-in-hand with ease of use

The intuitive recognition that electrically and hydraulically adapts the machine to the attachment takes place thanks to RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. This patented MECALAC innovation combines a sensor fitted to the end of the Mecalac excavator’s articulated arm with an electronic chip built into the hydraulic tool. And, as always with MECALAC, cutting-edge technology results in incredible ease of use.

Always being more inventive and creative to constantly boost the adaptability of our plant and make it easy to use: those are two of the core principles of MECALAC Group’s customer focus.

> Ingenious simplicity

Buckets, flail mower, compactor, hammer, and so on: every hydraulic tool needs specific settings. With the new CONNECT ENERGY LINK coupler, attachment recognition is intuitive and immediate. Everything is automatically configured in advance from the driver’s seat, without the operator needing to become physically involved in any way. Lastly, there are no more hydraulic settings to manage: the MECALAC CONNECT ENERGY LINK’s central system takes direct control of adjusting flows/pressure. 

Ingeniously simply, CONNECT ENERGY LINK makes human/machine interface even simpler and safer, and gives full expression to the tool functions of Mecalac excavators. MECALAC’s patented CONNECT ENERGY LINK is an innovative machine/hydraulic attachment coupler that offers the operator reassuring reliability and genuinely comfortable working, while perfectly meeting current market demand.

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