Back to school offer:
equipp your machines with telematics!

400€ only for
1 telematics box
+ 2 years subscription.*

This offer is valid from 7/09/20 to 17/10/20 on all Mecalac excavators.

Contact your dealer quickly to benefit from this offer!

*Offer covering the first two years, valid from 7/09/20 to 17/10/20. After the first two years, the subscription will cost 120€/year. Offer valid on all MECALAC excavators. Offer valid in all countries where MyMECALAC telematics services are available.

MyMECALAC Connected Services Telematics to improve
your profitability

To help you optimise the use of your machines,

MECALAC invites you to discover its telematics services: MyMecalac Connected Services.

Which machines are up for maintenance next month? Where are my machines located? How many hours have they been productive this month? How can I reduce my fuel consumption? How can I protect my equipment more effectively against theft?

To help you answer these questions and optimise the use of your machines, MECALAC invites you to discover its telematics services:
MyMECALAC Connected Services

Limit the downtime of your machines with preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance gives you advance information on upcoming services for each of your machines.
This enables you to anticipate your spare parts orders and limit the downtime of your machines.

View your maintenance schedule on our portal –

  • Anticipate your spare parts requirements
  • Limit machine downtime and breakdowns
  • Get enhanced support from your dealer for implementing your maintenance schedule
  • Boost the resale value of your machines

Access complete usage data for your machines

Access all the key data for your machines:

  • Estimate and reduce TCO by measuring and checking a wide range of data (fuel consumption, productivity, etc.)
  • Be alerted in case of problems: appearance of a failure code or potential theft (chronofencing and geofencing)

Analyse how your machines are used:

  • Manage the activity of your machines and optimise their use
  • Reduce fuel consumption: manage idling times and evaluate driver behaviour in terms of eco-friendliness

Manage your fleet remotely

  • Geolocate your machines and view their operating data.
  • Benefit from remote diagnostics conducted by your dealer.
The MyMecalac Connected Services solution is available :
  • as a standard on the 12MTX, 15MWR and 15MC Stage 5 excavators, as well as AS1600 and AS210e Stage 5 loaders
  • as an option on all other stage 5 machines

By continuously monitoring machines and sending maintenance alerts, the MyMECALAC App lets you effectively manage your fleet, increasing your profitability.