The combination of safety and design

Designed with safety in mind the 9MDX features a large spacious cabin that provides excellent natural visibility, combined with a standard forward facing camera the machine full complies with ISO5006. Large self cleaning foot steps and full length handrails ensure the operators access and egress is as safe as possible. With a skip payload of 9000kg, choose between straight tip skip for bulk material movement or the 180 degree power swivel skip which allows precision placement of loads to either side of the machine. A synchro shuttle transmission provides 4 forward and 4 reverse gears with a maximum travel speed of 25kph (15mph), permanent 4 wheel drive and central articulation ensure traction is maintained in even the toughest conditions. All 9 tonne machines now feature Shield safety technology as standard with an option to upgrade to Shield plus for additional safety technology.



Large self cleaning steps provide stair like access to the
comfortable cabin.
Large glazed areas and forward facing camera
ensure compliance to relevant standards.

Safety conscious Excellent access

Entering and exiting the machine is always safe due to the stair-like access.

Thanks to the large stair like steps and full length grab rails the operator is able access the cabin without excess effort or taking any risks.

The completely redesigned access system for the MDX site dumpers features large self clearing foot steps organised like a stairway, the solid back plate significantly reduces the risk of material build up on the steps, increasing safety. With a full length hand rail located on the A-pillar and a door mounted hand rail, 3 points of contact can be easily maintained when accessing the cabin.

Safety conscious Operators Environment

Whether the fully glazed cabin or ROPS/FOPS canopy with windscreen, operator comfort and ergonomics is always considered.

The unique design of the Mecalac MDX range of dumpers is that the Cabin or FOPS canopy are mounted on isolating mounts designed to reduce the vibration and noise transmitted to the operator.
Well positioned operators controls ensure a comfortable working environment for the operator.

Safety conscious Visibility

Excellent all around natural visibility
and a forward facing camera ensures a safe machine on site that is fully compliant.

The cabin or FOPS canopy feature wide A pillar positioning and a curved front windscreen to ensure that natural visibility is maximised, combined with the fully integrated dash board there are no extra screens or brackets that could hamper visibility. The addition of the forward facing camera ensures compliance to ISO5006.


MDX machines are equipped with numerous technical characteristics for optimal efficiency on all types of terrain.

  • Off-road mobility
  • Robustness built in!
  • Versatility

Performance Off-road

An articulated and oscillating chassis ensures the mdx range of dumpers have excellent manoeuvrability and off-road capability.

All mecalac site dumpers are designed with high ground clearance to enable operation on the roughest terrain, Permanent 4 wheel drive and large oscillation angles ensure the wheels keep in contact with the ground and maintain traction in all conditions.
Large turning angles ensure the machines remain manoeuvrable so that access to diffi cult locations remains possible with the 9MDX being the most manoeuvrable dumper in its class!

Performance Robustness
built in!

65 years of dumper production
has lead to machines designed specifically to meet the tough demands of new construction sites.

‘Rental tough’ site dumper design has ensured that Mecalac site dumpers have remained a long lasting and reliable part of your business. The use of solid rear panels ensures the highest level of protection to the cooling pack and engine, the latest design also see the addition of LED lights that are recessed into the casting for excellent protection.

Performance Versatility

Whether carrying out bulk material
movement or working in confined spaces
we have a skip design suitable.

Choose between the straight tip skip and the swivel tip skip to match the needs of your job site. Straight tip skips offer large volumetric capacity, perfect for bulk material movement.
Swing tip skip allows the machine to deposit loads anywhere within a 180 degree arc, this allows machines to unload into trenches whilst working in a single lane of traffic.

9MDX in action



Total operating weight5835 kg (12,863 lb)
Payload (Kg)9000 kg (19,842 lb)
Overall width2502 mm (8’3”) / 2364 mm (7’9”)
Overall length4585 mm (15’1”) / 4734 mm (15’6”)
Travel speed24 km/h (15 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp)55 kW (74 hp)


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