Wheel loaders AF1050


4 wheel steered loader

The four wheel steered AF1050 is a member of Mecalac's new Boosterline series. The new power pack with a bucket volume of 1.05-1.5 m³ features a Monoboom with 2 lift cylinders + Boost. This results in a considerably increased machine productivity. A spacious cabin with 2 fully-fledged doors allows for low fatigue operation even during longer working hours. The powerful auxiliary hydraulics allows road sweepers, plate compactors, mowers, etc. to be operated.

AF1050 in action



Total operating weight5800 kg (12,786 lb)
Engine power55,4 kW (75 hp - 74.3 imperial hp)
Overall width2100 mm (6’11”)
Bucket volumes1,05 – 1,50 m³ (1.40 – 2.00 yd³)
Standard bucket volume1,05 m³ (1.40 yd³)


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