Wheel excavator loaders 12MTX


Articulated chassis, Loader Drive Train



A single selector - a unique Mecalac feature - enables the 12MTX to change configuration instantly. With an obviously simple gesture, the driver sets the control to those of an excavator or a loader, or put into parking or driving mode.

Behind the controls of the 12MTX, the driver has a perfect view of the work site and can simply, effectively, and independently perform a number of actions and tasks in the safest of environments. From the incredibly spacious cab to the redesigned steering wheel, heating and air conditioning, sliding swing door, refrigerated storage space, and extendable steps, not to mention intuitive piloting and other customizable parameters, the 12MTX can only be described as revolutionary.

is what
drives us


Intuitive, precise steering

Parking or on road mode.
Truly effortless!

Using the selector, you can change from on-road mode to parking mode in one single movement. Forget about the high beam headlights and rotating beacon, unlocking axles and inspection regimes. There's no need to worry about the brakes, switching the gearbox into idle, deactivating the foot throttle and locking controls. Everything is done instantaneously and automatically by selecting the desired application, ensuring a perfect and incredibly safe driving experience on your work site.


of total visibiity

See further beyond

Comfort and space

Not only have we improved the comfort of the driving experience, we've redefined it. In addition to the more spacious cab and adjustable pneumatic seat*, the driver, regardless of his/her size, is sure to be more comfortable than ever: heating and air conditioning*, soundproofing and a sunroof, wide armrests and multiple storage compartments, tinted windows and a redesigned wheel steering, a sliding swing door and even a refrigerated compartment*. From the perfectly integrated threshold to the molded floor mat, no detail has escaped Mecalac when designing this cab which meets all interior and external performance needs.

*optional attachments. See leaflet pages 45-46-47


Stepping up to safety

Stepping up and down from the cab is the source of too many work site accidents. There should not have accidents anymore due to slipping on a tire while climbing into the cab. No issues anymore, thanks to Mecalac's patented solution which is now standard for the 12MTX. The step automatically unfolds below the cab entry whenever the operator lifts the console to exit the vehicle. The driver steps out to find a ledge directly underneath his/her feet. When lowering the console, the step slots back perfectly within the machine's width. Whoever said you had to sacrifice safety for comfort?


Safety? Everything you need with options to spare

Optimizing safety for both the operator as well as the whole of site personnel was at the core of the specifications we wished to implement. In the end we've managed to minimize the risk of accidents occurring by setting the 12MTX up with innovative standard equipment. In addition to placing the cab on the right-hand side, allowing to carry out service tasks from the ground, the oscillation lock on the brake pedal automatically ensures machine safety while the driver is focusing on the task at hand. As for the integrated cameras which were added by popular demand, they are perfectly integrated with the control monitor to display external views once the reverse gear is engaged. Another innovation, Mecalac introduces CONNECT, a new quick coupler system. It can be operated from the cabin. Designed to work in both directions, the loss of an attachment is virtually impossible, during the locking or when working in excavator mode or in loader mode. It’s the safest and most performing quick coupler system on the market.

Tool Carrier

Simplicity + Versatility = Profitability

Our vision

Expertise is born out of experience. Ours is based on the concept that you cannot even begin to consider profitability without first taking into account ease of use combined with operational versatility. When just one driver operating just one machine can handle a wide range of tasks on the same work site with no complicated handling maneuvers to worry about, you begin to completely reconsider what you can achieve in the time you have to work with.

Digging + Loading


Handling + Tool Carrier


Useful compact design Increased working amplitude Unique in terms of Maneuverability Excellent visibility

At arm's length

The unique kinematics built-in to the Mecalac articulated boom allow you to work from either directly beside the vehicle to up to 7m (23') away in a single operation. Amplitude combined with record precision and working power allows for easy and effective digging operations, whether up close or far away. Efficiency is a standard feature with the 12MTX!


Built-in offset

Movement-free digging

Weighing nearly 10 tons and featuring unparalleled dexterity, the 12MTX is the champion in your corner for work sites where room to maneuver is at a premium. Featuring reduced, well-integrated offset and a three-piece articulated boom, allowing you to work outside of the machine footprint area, it's the perfect combination of power and flexibility. Even performing digging from behind an obstacle, for example with the machine positioned parallel to a wall, is no problem, all the while offering excellent economy of movement.


Full 360° upper structure rotation Unique Dumping height Bucket volume of 750 liters Static loading

360° of freedom

There's nothing better than maximum efficiency. Thanks to full 360° rotation, the 12MTX optimizes work site operations while minimizing machine movements. Wave goodbye to unnecessary movement and handling operations, say hello to speed and efficiency. Sanding, loading, dumping-there's nothing it can't do. Static loading is also an option due to the dipperstick cylinder being placed in a lower position, offering unmatched strength for both lifting and thrust. Whether working from a pivot position or stationary, the 12MTX will get your work site moving at a faster pace.


Up to [16'5'']5min height during loading and dumping operations

Unique dumping height

With the work site in full view

With the boom positioned to the left of the cab and even with a large capacity bucket dumping into a 5m (16’5”) high truck, the operator maintains perfect visibility during each handling operation. The kinematics built-in to the Mecalac articulated boom mean loading and unloading maneuvers can be performed such that the operator's field of vision is not obscured by the boom structure. Combining safety with efficiency, wasn't that the secret formula for profitability?


[from -9’10” to +19’8”]

From -3m to +6m

Low center of gravity
Lifting power
Underfloor load handling
Static loading

Removing the problem of removals

Reducing handling time is too often a headscratcher at best and an unsolvable puzzle at worst, with the 12MTX ready to step in and revolutionize logistics for your work site. You can now move pallets directly into pools or onto foundations, with the machine retracting the fork, leaving the pallets in place. The articulated boom even allows you to handle the pallet in minimum distance to the machine. Could it be any easier?


Loads of up to 4 tons

Unrivaled weight/lifting power ratio

The unique architecture behind the 12MTX makes it a powerful and precise piece of handling equipment, capable of lifting up to 4 tons. The center of gravity has been positioned to exert a positive influence on lifting performances. The engine is located in the rear of the vehicle, offering a removed counterweight for greater freedom of handling and movement with larger loads. This weight design is particularly notable on work sites where handling applications are performed.

Tool carrier

[0.19 to 19.9 MPH]

0,3 km/h to 32 km/h at a constant speed

Speed management
Hydraulic power

No need to think twice

Why should you have to compromise between a steady flow and precise progress? The new speed control system allows for ultra-precise adjustment to the constant maximum speed: from 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 (0.19, 0.37, 0.56 mph)... up to a maximum of 32 km/h (19.9 mph). The driver has complete control over the movement speed of the engine and can fully concentrate on operating tools. This innovation, which is easy to configure, enable, and disable exponentially raises the value of the 12MTX's tool holding function.

Tool carrier

Compactor, planer, cutting blade, hammer, flail mower, trimmer...

An attachment to profitability

Turning the 12MTX into a planer, flail mower, sweeper, or mounting a hydraulic hammer in seconds with minimum fuss is one of the great strengths of the Mecalac patented quick attach system. The driver is able to change each hydraulic attachment easily, safely, and with complete control, leading to a significant increase in productivity which positively effects the profitability of your working site.

12MTX in action



Total operating weight9700 kg (21,384 lb)
Engine power85 kW (115 hp - 114 imperial hp)
Emissions standardsEU Stage V / U.S EPA Tier 4 Final
Boom typeMecalac boom
Tail swing radius1385 mm (4’5”)
Minimum full swing diameter2710 mm (8’9’’)
Turning circle4910 mm (16'11")
Travel speed32 km/h (19.9 mph)
Overall width2383 mm (7’8”)
Bucket volumes150-750 l (0.20-1 yd3)
+ and - with forks+ 6000 mm (+19’8”) / - 3700 mm (-12’1”)
Dumping height with a loading bucket4077 mm (13’4’’)
Maximum reach7125 mm (23’4”)


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