First class multifunctionality and compactness thanks to the MECALAC Boom

The MECALAC Boom features 5 degrees of freedom (axles) with easy and intuitive handling characteristics. The Mecalac Boom is designed for excavator and loader application. The MECALAC Boom is able to work up to the edge of the machine. It is designed for highest lifting power in the vincinity of the excavator. The MECALAC Boom is designed for highest boom angle (about 140 degr.), one precondition for its 3D- compactness and the exceptional visibility out of cabin.
Lifting performance of MECALAC Excavators in vincinity of machine is positively influenced by the favourable position of the center of gravity of the boom itself. Cylinder Coupling allows precise co- ordination of cylinder movement. It supports un-experienced drivers as well as professionals. Typically MECALAC Excavators are used with about 5- 8 attachments. High travel speed combined with Quick Coupling of tools boosts productivity.

The MECALAC excavator boom is unique and the product of decade-long evolution

It features:

  • 5 axles of movements
  • Highest boom angle in class
  • Highest lifting force in class
  • Off Set in 2. parts of boom
    • designed and integrated by MECALAC
    • approved for digging and dynamic loading
    • allows to dig outside machine's width
    • can dig parallel over longitudinal obstacles, like fences etc.
    • well protected by structure
  • Full dynamic Loader strength
  • Parallel lifting of pallet forks
  • Pallet fork sub zero operation
  • Preselectable cylinder synchronization
  • Easy to operate up to the edge of machine