The combination of safety and design

PERFORMANCES: The 3.5MDX is a compact and manoeuvrable machine, providing an effective solution in carrying high payloads in confined spaces, any ground conditions and for a large variety of applications.

COMFORT: This new model adopts Mecalac’s proven MDX cab with optional Air-conditioning to provide an outstanding level of operator well-being in any weather conditions. Like all MDX models, the unique cabin layout minimises vibration and noise, while ergonomic controls and an adjustable seat provide a relaxed environment when working for extended periods.

SAFETY: Alongside the cab conforming to ROPS/FOPS, safety has been prioritised by incorporating MDX design characteristics which results in easier and safer access to the machine, outstanding all around visibility and a higher level of operator protection in any situation.

3.5MDX in action


Total operating weight2915 kg (6,426 lb)
Payload (Kg)3500 kg (7,716 lb)
Overall width1846 mm (6 ‘0‘’)
Overall length4012 mm (13‘1‘’)
Overall height2800 mm (9‘2‘’)
Travel speed20 km/h (12 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp)37 kW (50 hp) - Stage V
Maximum skip capacity (Heaped)1.88 m3
Operators environmentCab ROPS/FOPS
Dumping height (Skip tipped)841 mm (2‘9‘’)


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