MDX - 3.5 to 9 tons 3.5MDX


Safety and design in a compact format

PERFORMANCES: The 3.5MDX is a compact and manoeuvrable machine, providing an effective solution in carrying high payloads in confined spaces, any ground conditions and for a large variety of applications.

COMFORT: This new model adopts Mecalac’s proven MDX cab with optional Air-conditioning to provide an outstanding level of operator well-being in any weather conditions. Like all MDX models, the unique cabin layout minimises vibration and noise, while ergonomic controls and an adjustable seat provide a relaxed environment when working for extended periods.

SAFETY: Alongside the cab conforming to ROPS/FOPS, safety has been prioritised by incorporating MDX design characteristics which results in easier and safer access to the machine, outstanding all around visibility and a higher level of operator protection in any situation.

3.5MDX in action



Total operating weight2840 kg (6,261 lbs) / 2990 kg (6,592 lbs)
Engine power37 kW (50 hp) - Stage V
Skip typeFront / Swivel
Payload3500 kg (7,716 lb)
Maximum skip capacity (Heaped)2.2 m³ (2.88yd³)
Transmission (Road)Hydrostatic
Travel speed20 km/h (12 mph)
Operator environmentROPS/FOPS cab
Overall width1846 mm (6’1”) / 1957 mm (6’5”)
Overall length3821 mm (12’6”) / 4012 mm (13’2’’)
Overall height2663 mm (8’9’’)
Dumping height, skip tipped248 mm (10”) / 841 mm (2’9’’)


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