Zero Emission Excavators e12


The first
zero emission
11-t excavator


The electric version of the 12MTX fits perfectly within Mecalac's philosophy of moving towards urban construction sites that are ever-more compact, efficient and environmentally friendly. The architecture of the diesel 12MTX makes it the natural forerunner of the electric version, so the location for the engine now houses a Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) battery technology, ideal for on-board solutions.

This technology combines weight/power/quality ratios that are far superior to conventional batteries with an optimized service life and total safety.

Switch to Autonomy

Less means more

It takes only 8 hours to charge the e12. Without compromising on power, it does the job all day long without having to recharge its batteries, for 8 hours of autonomy.

The Mecalac e12 means less vibration, less noise, less maintenance (no more filters, no more oil...), less risk of on-site accidents, less spent on maintenance and absolutely no CO2 or particulate emission.

Switch to Performance

A new direction for urban jobsites

With a structure designed for urban environments from the outset and two independent electric motors, one powering the front linkage and work tools and one for the transmission, the Mecalac e12 is destined for urban machine fleets.

In addition to its performance and autonomy, its 100% electric transmission offers unrivalled traction force as soon as it starts and energy regeneration when braking. The incredible power density of the electric motors makes it possible to preserve extreme compactness and they do not require any maintenance.

Switch to Compactness

Freedom of movement

With a full 360° swing diameter of only 2710 mm (8’11’’), a 2.25 m (7’4’’) turning radius at wheels and an outstanding boom tilt angle (140°), the e12 only needs one road lane in urban areas to carry out its work. Traffic can continue with only a minimum of interruptions while the operator is able to work closer to the various obstacles he may come across.

Efficient, the e12 offers compactness, while capitalizing on all its functionalities and capacities with a minimal impact on city environments. Its articulated chassis allows it to move easily on any job site, and its agility also contributes to its overall performance.

e12 in action


Total operating weight11 300 kg (24,912 lbs)
Rated storage capacity150 kWh
Power supply32A 380V three phase (22kW)
Battery runtime8 hrs
Tail swing radius1385 mm (4’6’’)
Minimum full swing diameter2770 mm (9’1’’)
Travel speed25 km/h (15.5 mph)
Overall width2383 mm (7’8’’)
Break-out force / Loader6400 daN (14,390 lb)
Maximum depth4100 mm (13’4”)
Tear-out force / Excavator3400 daN (7,640 lbf)
Break-out force / Excavator6150 daN (13,820 lbf)
Standard bucket volume750 l
+ and - with forks+ 6000 mm (+19’8”) / - 3700 mm (-12’1”)
Maximum reach7125 mm (23’4”)


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