The MECALAC Group offers a wide range of innovative compact construction equipment for today’s urban construction sites

MECALAC's aim is to offer compact class construction equipment with superior performance concerning flexibility, speed and process innovation. Almost all products are designed for 3D compactness and optimized attachment- and tool carrier. MECALAC products are designed for highest fuel efficiency and environmental protection, whereby we intentionally optimize the application processes of our users. Good examples are the multifunctionality of most of our products to reduce the number of machines at the construction site and the Swing Loader concept to significantly reduce maneuvering operations at the worksite.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in France, in Germany and in Turkey. We apply with good reasons a high integration of manufacturing. Robot assisted steel fabrication as well as manufacturing of turning joints and cylinders are part of our inhouse manufacturing processes.

The company has a leading position with Mobile Excavators in France and received numerous patents, design- and innovation awards. Based on a strong culture in the company,  we motivate our employees to always decide in favor of: 

Quality - Reliability - Trustworthiness - Reactivity

In distribution we prefer to partner with process- and service oriented dealerships. Own distribution subsidiaries are located in France for the Paris region and in Katovice for Poland. The Groupe MECALAC S.A. has minority interests in selected dealerships in Europe.


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Groupe MECALAC S. A.


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Groupe MECALAC S. A.



Launch of Mecalac Cab Dumper with 13 safety features including 3 Mecalac patents.

Launch of Connect Energy Link, the hydraulic tools version of Connect.

Launch of the 15MC, crawler excavator.

Launch of the e12, 100% electric wheeled excavator.

At the Intermat Paris trade show, 1st exhibition of the Mecalac Group's urban range of wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, site dumpers and compaction rollers.

Founding of Mecalac Endüstri, sale company, Izmir, Turkey


Creation of Mecalac North America, Boston

Launch of a new range of wheeled excavators, the MWR family – 7, 9, 11 and 15 tonnes

1st participation in the Conexpo trade show in Las Vegas, USA

Acquisition of Terex Construction Equipment based in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Creation of Mecalac Construction Equipment UK Ltd, design and production unit for backhoe loaders, dumpers and compaction rollers.


Design Award of Bauma Innovation Award 2016 for its new wheeled excavator concept – MWR 


Commercial launch of the New 12MTX, the new articulated loader series AX and the new AS 1600

Silver medal for the new quick coupler - CONNECT - during Intermat Paris.

Silver medal for the New 12MTX at Demopark.


Mecalac rewarded by the "Observeur du Design": "Etoile du Design" for the New 12MTX, from the Minister of the Economy, Design, Industry and Information Technology.


Commercial launch of the 6MCR and presentation of 2 new telescopic loaders at the Bauma: AT 900, AT 1050.


MECALAC single brand for all products including Wheel Loaders (formerly AHLMANN) in order to support further expansion in international markets.

Renaming of AHLMANN Baumaschinen GmbH, in Mecalac Baumaschinen GmbH, with full support of affected employees.

Launch of the AS 900tele, a new Telescopic Swing Loader.

Presentation of the 8MCR RR (Rail Road version).

Display of 6MCR prototype World Innovation.


Introduction of 10MCR, a 8.5 tons skid-tracked crawler excavator, World Innovation.


Introduction of the AS 700 and AS 900, a new generation of 4-Wheel Steered Swing Loaders.

Introduction of AF 1050 and AF 1200, a new generation of 4-Wheel-Steered front loaders by Mecalac's subsidiary AHLMANN.

Introduction of new series of AX 700, AX 850 and AX 1000 Articulated Wheel Loaders in new design and with high lift.


Launch of the 8MCR, a new construction machine concept, World Innovation from MECALAC.

Demopark Innovation Award, Golden medal for the rapid crawlers excavator 8MCR.

The 8MCR is awarded an Observeur du Design Star.

The INPI (National Institut for the Industrial Protection) Trophy for Innovation to Mecalac for its continued efforts to innovate.

The 12MTX Hybrid received the Gold Innovation Award and the Special Environment Award at Intermat.


Reddot Design award for AHLMANN Wheel Loader AX 85.


Introduction of the AX line, a new generation of Front Loaders by AHLMANN.

Production of the 10,000th Mecalac machine.


Introduction of the 714MW railroad, specifically designed for work on railway tracks.


Introduction of the new Mecalac 700 series, multi-purpose, urban excavators, both wheeled and tracked.


Acquisition of AHLMANN GmbH in Büdelsdorf, Germany.


Production of 20,000th loader by AHLMANN.


Launch of a new generation of MECALAC Mobile Excavators with the 12MX and 14MXT.

Introduction of autoshift transmission in Swing Loader.


Introduction of 4-Wheel Steered Front Loaders by AHLMANN.


Introduction of worldwide most compact Swing Loader AS 4 by AHLMANN


Introduction of the 11CXi, MECALAC Mobile Excavators are now equipped with front stabilizers.


Introduction of the 11CX, multi-purpose MECALAC machines: Loader, Excavator, Fork Lift and Tool Holder with total rotation.


Introduction of Front Loaders by AHLMANN.


Founding of Mecalac: “Mécanique du Lac” in Annecy-le-Vieux, France.


AHLMANN is first worldwide with Power Controlled Drive Train in AS7.


Introduction of the first Swing Loaders by AHLMANN in Büdelsdorf, Germany.