Mecalac launches MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotators: The all-round integrated solution

Mecalac launches MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotators: The all-round integrated solution

Mecalac, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact equipment for urban construction sites, is pleased to announce the launch of its MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotators and dedicated grading buckets. The Mecalac MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotators are available for Mecalac crawler excavators and wheeled excavators fitted with the CONNECT hydraulic quick coupler. Tiltrotators are used as standard equipment in Northern Europe, and overall demand is growing. Renowned already for their versatility and agility, Mecalac excavators fitted with the new Mecalac MR50 or MR60 Tiltrotator will offer you even more possibilities.

Mecalac Tiltrotators: a cut above

This integrated Mecalac solution consists of a Tiltrotator between two CONNECT quick couplers, fitted directly at the factory, and a specially designed grading bucket. The Mecalac MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotators allow for a 360° rotation in both directions as well as a 40° tilt left and right for various attachments, including hydromechanical tools such as grapples.

This solution puts Mecalac a cut above the competition.

Véronique Kennerson, Product Specialist for Excavators at Mecalac, explains:
“Mecalac Tiltrotators between two CONNECT quick couplers are a highly innovative solution of the latest generation. Fully integrated into the machine, they further enhance the versatility and productivity of Mecalac excavators. Thanks to their sandwich mounting between two CONNECT quick couplers, the operator can easily remove either the tool or the entire tool-tiltrotator system to immediately resume work with a 4x1 or loader bucket, for example. Another great advantage is that the Mecalac Tiltrotator, while extremely robust and among the most powerful in terms of torque, is also one of the lightest on the market, thus preserving the power of the machine.”

Maximizing the 360° capabilities of Mecalac excavators

The unrivalled stability of Mecalac excavators makes them ideal tool carriers for tiltrotators. Mecalac’s patented kinematics in particular come into their own. The boom, which is positioned far back, is perfect when weight is added to the end of the stick, as it acts as a counterweight. As for the two piece boom with offset kinematics, they will allow you to position your tools ideally when used with the Tiltrotator.

The offset at the top of the boom (standard), combined with the Tiltrotator, further increases the 360° capabilities of Mecalac excavators. Operators are able to dig deeper trenches than ever before, in parallel with the machine.

The combination of offset and Tiltrotator offers almost infinite possibilities of use. It means more accurate results, faster work, less repositioning of the machine and not least more safety on the job site.

The Mecalac MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotator Option

The Mecalac MR50 and MR60 Tiltrotator Option includes dedicated multi-function joysticks, various Tiltrotator configurations and settings as well as “Home” (return to operator preset position) and “Bucket Shake” functions.

To further meet the needs of customers, the Mecalac Tiltrotators are available with or without a grap module. Acting as a grapple, this allows objects to be grabbed and moved while keeping the tool mounted on the Tiltrotator.
Mecalac Tiltrotators come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

They are already available for the 11MWR and 9MWR wheeled excavators. In the course of the year, they will gradually be introduced for the 8MCR and 10MCR crawler skid excavators, followed by the 15MWR wheeled excavator, the 15MC crawler excavator and finally the 12MTX wheeled excavator loader.

The Tiltrotator option has been designed for seamless integration into these machines while fully maintaining all their benefits and performance.
The proven flexibility of Mecalac excavators is further enhanced by adding a Tiltrotator, creating virtually unlimited possibilities.

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