Mecalac unveils major evolutions to its MDX site dumper range

Mecalac unveils major evolutions to its MDX site dumper range

Following the global success of its MDX range and the recent launch of its 3.5-tonne variant, the 3.5MDX that have set site dumpers standards in terms of safety, comfort, and performances, Mecalac has announced a series of major evolutions to its site dumper portfolio. The first will see all new six-tonne 6MDX and nine-tonne 9MDX models, fitted with optional state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission. The second evolution concerns the availability of the ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) foldable roll bar, making the cabin optional on these new models.

The choice of the hydrostatic transmission for improved comfort and safety on the Mecalac 6MDX and 9MDX

Widely used across the construction equipment industry, the adoption of hydrostatic transmission replaces mechanical transmission with fixed gear ratios. This ensures easier operations without gear shifting and provides the added benefit of responsive dynamic braking. This makes operation easier and safer for both experienced and new operators, meaning the new hydrostatic 6MDX and 9MDX are perfect for both rental fleets and operators that frequently change their equipment.

The addition of hydrostatic transmission also guarantees improved operator comfort, thanks to smooth and controllable acceleration. Removing the gear stick allows for a more spacious operator environment, while fewer parts mean less maintenance and overall less wear, directly resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. Both 6MDX and 9MDX deliver outstanding performance, torque and traction, particularly on steep inclines where gear changes can often result in loss of drive.

Enclosed cab or ROPS foldable roll bar operator environment

Alongside featuring hydrostatic transmission, both new models will be available with the option of either an integrated cab or all-new ROPS foldable roll bar. Setting the standards in site safety and featuring a stylish ground-up design, the all-new ROPS models are easy to transport between job sites and allow operators to work in low height areas with ease. The structure is easily foldable, thanks to a handle and gas strut, which means folding and unfolding the ROPS is safe and requires minimal manual effort. Because the ROPS roll bar has significantly fewer components than a cab, it is an economical choice, but still offers superior operator protection.

For additional safety and comfort, the 6MDX and 9MDX can be fitted with the unique isolated MDX cab to minimize vibration and noise, while optional air-conditioning provides outstanding operator well-being in all weather conditions. In order to ensure a higher level of operator protection in any situation, the certified ROPS/FOPS MDX cab has been additionally designed and tested by Mecalac to withstand impacts while loading the dumper skip. The Mecalac MDX cab impact test video is available by clicking on the following link:

For more information about Mecalac’s industry-leading MDX range, or to find your nearest dealer, visit the website.

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